Friday, February 3, 2017

Raider On The Go's Dog Blog

Hello!  I am Tomb Raider; You can call me "Raider"!

Here is my famous Smile!

 I am very happy you came by to visit me!

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What is a Stability Service Animal?

I am a Stability Service Animal. This is me, Raider, when I was 3years old and we went camping overnight in the Colorado, San Juan National Forest.         See the picture? That's me there with my owner, CJ. I am the one with the cute black nose and checkered shirt. 

 I have been trained to help walk with and stabilize a human in need. One of my jobs is to help CJ walk to the bathroom during the night time. Walking on different flooring is difficult for CJ because she has no feeling in her toes. This makes it hard for her to tell the difference from the carpet to the wood floor, from the grass to the sidewalk, from the gravel path to the sand. This is my biggest job when I work with CJ.  I enjoy lots of pets & brushing, car rides and special healthy doggie treats from the store.

 I, being a large dog, help CJ with standing, sitting, walking up and down stairs, taking showers, getting dressed and feel independence. This last thing, independence, is a big word for freedom. Many disabled people, like my owner CJ, have limited independence, or freedom, because of their limitations. Here is an example; CJ does not like being in crowds because there is a big chance she may get hurt. By already being in pain and very wobbly, CJ gains independence/freedom with the use of me, Raider, her Service Animal. 

Not just any dog can be a Service Animal and most Service Animals are not to be petted while they are working. But with me, if you see us, it would be very fine if you asked her, "Can I pet your dog?"  This is a polite way to ask a Service Animals Owner and a very good thing to remember. Please do not run up to me because I could get excited and knock CJ down. This is not a good thing. Everyone gets excited and it is cool to see a dog in a public place, but do try to remember these two rules. 

 Thank You!
 Your Friend, Raider.

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