Hi Everyone,
Raider here with a few new photos of my new friends from LOWES in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

This is me relaxing before our trip. I am 9 years old now.
This is my garden before it was planted. You can see the lettuce in the middle. It is light green. I love salad and I love Chinese Food! We are planting lots of vegetables for our home made
Chinese Food by Matt!
This is CJ and me in the Garden Department of LOWES.
I love flowers and I loved the time spent helping CJ get the plants and flowers for our garden.

Here we are looking for some plumbing supplies. CJ is getting some "NON-SLIP" stick-ons for the tub floor so that I don't slip or slide while helping her take her shower. This is one of my most fun jobs because I love a shower and like to be fresh and clean.  And the blow dry afterwards makes me all fluffy and silly looking!
This nice lady helped us find what CJ needed. She was very helpful and she gave me wonderful pets.
Remember: Always ask before you pet a service animal. Some service animals can have pets and some cannot while they are working.
       Two very helpful employees at LOWES. This store has all the things CJ needed to fix the garden boxes, the plants and flowers for the garden, and the tub job possible. Thank you for helping CJ!

I love getting pets!

We are all SMILING for the camera!!
Thank you to all the people who made our trip to LOWES a pleasant experience!
Raider & CJ